International Leather Fair Attracting Intertek

International leather fair 2011 was held from 31st January to 3rd of February where huge participants shared in. The fair was held at Chennai trade center and was organized by India trade promotion organization with an intention to promote external trade in country. Intertek is a leading international company offering quality and secured solutions participated in the social event and made its presence happening.

The fair was held by the organization with an intention to expose that helps leather industry leaders to come together and promote about innovative advancements and development. This also improves their scope to accept latest global challenges that make them easier to compete the best worldwide. The event focused to platform latest technologies, fashion trends and updates, designs and other interesting things like manufacturing process involved while bringing out leather products turning them from raw to finished products.

A big section was focused on finished leather auxiliary products including leather goods, wallets, hand bags, fashion accessories, shoes with components, leather garments like leather jacket, counters, belts, gloves etc.

The fair provided huge opportunity for the participants to come together and collaborate their activities, manufacturers, traders, fashion designers, suppliers and many leather product oriented fields made it by exchanging their views and opinions for further betterment. Basically the aim of the fair in a way succeeded with exhibiting the quality leather products as displaying what all things can be possibly made altering leather fabric.

Leather clothes, footwear, belts and other fashion accessories are some of the valuable items that are made with combining variable leather species, dyeing, colors, chemicals, styles and many more such innovations. However, the latest experiments made on the leather products were completely quality checked to avoid any inferior item to get added. The comfort and the brand feel was the basic consideration.

Leather is a very complicated fabric, and hence, it is extremely important to take additional care while molding it in to something that is used for longer duration. There are certain chemicals like azo colorant, pentachlorophenol etc which are the harmful substances observed in leather. Intertek uses advanced technologies and quality equipments to maintain the composition of these chemicals and extra care has been taken, that these things would not harm the consumer and even pollute the environmental elements. Leather shop to buy leather accessories online.

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