Leather Industry a Thorny Issue in Pakistan

Over a period of time, leather industry has been a bone of contention. First it was the PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) was pressurizing the leather industry. Then came many other supporters of the animal welfare associations who also have been continuously causing trouble to the leather industry.

Long back leather industry was really huge and fetched a lot of foreign exchange to almost every country. It was a major source of income to various countries and also provided employment opportunities to many.

Leather shop to face severe scarcity of leather products in coming months.

As of now, the Pakistan government has been in the dire straits and wants to develop their leather industry. The issue is all about the banning the export of live animals to other countries. The Pakistan Tanners Association (PTA) has been demanding the ban. The PTA is of the opinion that the current Leather industry is in a very bad shape and necessary steps have to be taken soon to rebuild this industry. Even Khurshid Alam who is the chairman of Pakistan PTA feels the same. He feels that if this industry is in good shape, it might consequently reflect on the export oriented industries which in turn would have helped them avoid the recent “Petrol Bomb” and later recondition the gas supply of the country.

The Pakistan government feels that they are losing their valuable currency owing to the lack of basic material Wetblue and its export of the leather materials. It is on a deteriorating state of about 30% due to the smuggling of live animals to Iran and Afghanistan. The PTA member wishes for a complete ban on live animals and wants the government to keep a check on it. Along with that, they also expect a ban on the export of Wet blue materials.

Thus the PTA has been requesting the government to look into the leather products and initiate policies that might help in expanding the leather industry. It is felt that this expanding of leather industry can surely develop the country and ensure its citizens the basic needs.

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