Love Western Wear Rejuvenated in Asian Countries

Jeans and the cowboy boots are no more restricted to the plains. Now, western wear is in. This most comfortable form of clothing, it is preferred as the daily wear. Guys and girls both love to get dressed in western wear as  it offers a rugged and classy look at the same time.

The cowboy and the cowgirl look is what everyone craves for.  Various movies and runaway shows have their characters dressed in the western ear. The Oscar nominated “True Grit” is an example. The designers and fashion icons also feel that it is the western look that is famous right now. Hermes has been seen showcasing a rider leather jacket and deerskin vest.

Black is the most obvious color when it comes to western wear. There are so many designs and types of wear when it comes to western wear where you have the liberty to look unique every other day. Even a checked blue shirt can make you look smart and hot at the same time. Short sleeved and long-sleeved shirt are both stylish.

Gail Cecchetti, manager of Lowry’s Western Shop in Washington, Pa states that style has changed from time to time.  The retro look has been accepted now.

Girls these days are fond of the skinny jeans slipped with nice shiny shoes. No longer are girls and boys embarrassed to try cowboy boots. In fact they feel it makes them look bold and unique. Leather shop

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